Peripheral line in central vein

Does a 48 mm single-lumen angiocath in a central vein assume the infection risk of a central line or a peripheral line? Stated differently, does the infection risk of a central line stem from the line itself, the vein, or some other factor? Many of us who trained without ultrasound are very adept at cannulating the subclavian vein by landmarks. To be able to place a simple angiocath into a central vein in non-sterile fashion would be very convenient in difficult access patients. I can’t advocate for this unproven maneuver at large, but it may have a role in patients who need vascular access expediently but don’t need a central line, perhaps as a bridge to a conventional peripheral line or a formal central line.

pIV in central vein JEM Nov 2009.pdf (1 page)

Journal of Emergency Medicine 37:4 p419