Emergency Department Intubation Checklist v12

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EDICTv12 [acrobat format]
Changes from version 11:

* Torso angle of 30 degrees recommended

* Nasal cannula for preoxygenation and apneic oxygenation recommended

* LMA moved from difficult to basic airway equipment

* Magill forceps moved from basic to difficult airway equipment

* Rocuronium dose changed from 1-1.2 to 1.2 mg/kg

* Reduced tidal volume wording clarified “if sepsis / prone to lung injury”

* DVT prophylaxis removed from post-intubation maneuvers

* “Verify that airway equipment is ready for next patient” added to post-intubation maneuvers

* “Consider effects of decreased preload as PEEP is augmented” warning added to PEEP chart