948. Helpful interventions in managing an unexpected infant death / Pathophysiology of ALTE, relationship to SIDS // How often is a causal diagnosis reached in ALTE workups? / Disposition of ALTE?



Memo from Medical Examiner, June 2015 – indications for ME (new york city)

All forms of criminal violence or from an unlawful act or criminal neglect

All accidents (motor vehicle, industrial, home, public place, etc.)

All suicides

All deaths that are caused or contributed to by drug and/or chemical overdose or poisoning

Sudden death of a person in apparent good health (without significant past medical history associated with sudden death, such as coronary artery disease, etc.)

Deaths of all persons in legal detention, jails or police custody. This category also includes any prisoner who is a patient in a hospital, regardless of the duration of hospital confinement.

Deaths which occur during diagnostic or therapeutic procedures or from complications of such procedures

Deaths due to disease, injury or toxic agent resulting from employment

Deaths which occur in any suspicious or unusual manner