Miralax dosing

It’s confusing because you’ve got range dosing and there is no set ratio of liquid:powder – the mfg says mix 17g (standard adult dose) in 4-8 oz.
So here are my specific recommendations:

Anyone over 15kg gets 17g. Rx: Miralax 17g daily. Mix one capful or packet in 4-8oz fluid (For an adult or bigger kid, mix in 8oz. For a small kid, mix in 4oz.)
10-15kg: 8.5g po daily. Dissolve one-half capful in 2-4oz fluid (again you pick based on the size/age of the kid)
5-10kg: 4.2g po daily. Dissolve one-half capful in 4oz fluid. Give half the dissolved solution (2oz) and discard remainder.

Thanks to Erin Robey


Miralax tastes bad.

104. Options for symptomatic Rx constipation


For patients on opioids who have or are at risk for constipation, the preferred regimen is two senna tabs qhs.

For patients on opiods who are severely constipated and may require manual disimpaction: subcutaneous methylnaltrexone 8-12 mg (.15 mg/kg) depending on weight.

Based on a conversation with Arthur Lipman, a pharmacist at the University of Utah who has particular expertise in constipation.