369. Plavix mechanism and indication in ACS / Heparin mechanism and indication in ACS

We need to dose UFH based on the patient’s weight. In addition,
we all should be aware of the most recent ACC/AHA guidelines for NSTE
ACS, which now recommend dosing of UFH at 60 U/kg (maximum, 4000
U) as an intravenous bolus and 12 U/kg per hour (maximum, 1000 U/h) as
a maintenance infusion [2]. Second, be especially meticulous about dosing
with women and with elderly patients.

Melloni C, Alexander KP, Chen AY, et al. Unfractionated heparin dosing
and risk of major bleeding in non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary
syndromes. Am Heart J 2008;156:209-215.

General UFH unfractionated heparin protocol dosing

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