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Hypotension: Differential Diagnosis

June 22nd, 2013
by reuben in .shock

  It’s an important differential. For emphasis, and in case you need to paste it somewhere, here it is again, in text form. vasodilatory sepsis anaphylaxis neurogenic obstructive tension pneumothorax cardiac tamponade pulmonary embolism abdominal compartment syndrome (thanks GW) cardiogenic arrhythmia ischemia valvulopathy myopathy   hypovolemic (hemorrhage) chest abdomen retroperitoneum GI tract thigh street hypovolemic (not hemorrhage) vomiting, diarrhea inadequate fluid intake diuresis, hyperglycemia diaphoresis, hyperthermia cirrhosis, pancreatitis, burn   toxicologic calcium channel blocker beta blocker clonidine digoxin opiates sedatives valproic acid TCA phenothiazine CO, CN- metabolic hypoadrenalism hypo/hyperthyroidism spurious (equipment or technique failure) A few other considerations: auto-PEEP if intubated hypocalcemia, acidemia