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Cardiologists use calipers. Intensivists write little marks on a page and march them across. Emergency providers fold the ECG in half and hold it up to the light. Or the sun.   Fold the tracing in half. Hold up to the light.                               Now¬†align the QRS complexes. The rhythm is regular.                               Here is another example.                                 Irregular. Cannot line up QRS complexes.      

Conclusion: We recommend an initial energy setting of 50 J in patients with AFL/AT, of 100 J in patients with AF 2 days or less, and of 150 J with AF more than 2 days.

Calcium channel blockers for SVT

November 26th, 2009
by reuben in arrhythmia

We all love adenosine, but patients don’t. Many seasoned EPs moved to adenosine when it became popular and then moved back to CCBs. It’s hard to argue with this.

JAMA 289:16 2123