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  Ten minute screencast describing an expanded ABCs mnemonic. Mobile phone optimized cheat sheet at Slides. Audio. Resus Room pic.

Three part screencast covering the essentials of procedural sedation and analgesia for emergency clinicians. Part one covers how to think about and prepare for PSA, including a discussion of fasting guidelines. 13 minutes. Part two describes how patients are harmed during PSA and how to prevent patients from being harmed during PSA. 29 minutes. Part three discusses contemporary PSA pharmacology. 16 minutes. References Slideset Emergency Department PSA Checklist

Ventilation is the most important skill in airway management, and most of us learned to do it incorrectly. Slideset. As given at Emcrit’s critical care conference.

  slideset available here.

30 minute presentation on optimal patient assessment in the emergency department. garbled audio resolves at the one minute mark. Slides and Handout.   More recent live version. EM Thinking in Polish (credit:¬†Janusz Springer)

high-def vimo screencast here. slideset here. audio here.

For 8 minute Pecha Kucha competition at Scott Weingart’s ED Critical Care Conference, January 13 2010.