Direct vs. Video Laryngoscopy in 10 Minutes

May 29th, 2015
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Responses to “Direct vs. Video Laryngoscopy in 10 Minutes”

  1. Great and concise description of the past, present and future of laryngoscopy.
    I too have come to the conclusion that VL should be taught first, so that the trainee knows what they are looking for when it’s go time.
    As an early adopter of VL, I’ve been through the gamut of hyper curved VL systems. Jack Pacey created the Glidescope to help his anesthesia colleagues intubate patients. His prototypes were based on a video enabled surgical retractor he created to assist during open esophagectomy. Jack was an early adopter of laparoscopic surgical technique (he co-funded the purchase of the video laparoscope equipment in his hospital when his hospital administration refused to buy into it!!), and his surgical retractor was obviously based on the concept of laparoscopic equipment, soooo…..of course his video laryngoscope was going to be hyper curved. His idea of video visualization technology was to look into spaces not normally reached with the naked eye. Anyway, I look forward to meeting you at SMACC.

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