11 minute screencast: emergency ventilation

January 11th, 2012
by reuben in _lecture, airway

Ventilation is the most important skill in airway management, and most of us learned to do it incorrectly.


As given at Emcrit’s critical care conference.

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Responses to “11 minute screencast: emergency ventilation”

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  2. This is a great video that drives home the importance of providing effective ventilations. These techniques definitely work and I’m glad you posted this video!

    I do caution the recommendation of skipping BVM ventilation and going straight for an extra/supraglottic airway in certain situations. I have seen other providers get screwed by doing the same in non-RSI situations by missing the airway obstruction that caused the respiratory distress, and trapping it in the glottic opening with one of these airways. I am a prehospital field provider, but patients in the ED could just as easily choke on their healthy hospital food or snack they were hiding. As long as future recommendations include initial laryngoscopy prior to placing the extraglottic airway, this plan should work well.

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  3. well that is a concern I definitely had not thought of. I’m not sure laryngoscopy prior to ventilation (with either bag-mask or LMA) is necessary, but if there is a clinical concern for a foreign body, that is an interesting and relevant caveat. thanks.

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