Screencast: How to Think Like an Emergency Physician

September 15th, 2010
by reuben in _lecture, heuristic

30 minute presentation on optimal patient assessment in the emergency department.

garbled audio resolves at the one minute mark.

Slides and Handout.


More recent live version.

EM Thinking in Polish (credit: Janusz Springer)

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Responses to “Screencast: How to Think Like an Emergency Physician”

  1. Very cool talk Reuben.

    Did you invent the Dangerous Diagnosis wheel or do you have a source for it? Would be really great as an online resource that allows you to select different presenting complaints, like how you did headache in the presentation. Perhaps it would be too good and become a crutch, however.

  2. thanks rene – the dangerous conditions wheel is my invention but has not realized it’s full potential. I’ve thought about generating a dangerous conditions database probably similar to what you have in mind but haven’t. I wish I could say the reason is because I’m worried that it would be too good and become a crutch. one day.

  3. How to present to an EM attending:

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