173. 3 steps in rabies prophylaxis

December 30th, 2007
by reuben in animal bite


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Responses to “173. 3 steps in rabies prophylaxis”

  1. These are the new recommendations, courtesy of Keeping Up in Emergency Medicine.

    Unvaccinated patients
    – Wound cleansing
    – HRIG ? 20 IU/kg. Administer as much as possible around the wounds and the rest IM at a site distant from the vaccine administration site. Do not administer more than the recommended dose.
    – Rabies vaccine- 1mL IM in the deltoid (or later thigh in small children- not gluteal) at days 0,3,7,14.

    If patient is immunocompromised, continue to give the 5th dose at day 28.

    If patient is previously vaccinated with a documented history of antibody response to prior vaccination, you don’t give the HRIG; just give 1mL of rabies vaccine on day 0 and 3.

    These recommendations are different from what the instructions that are included in the packaging of the vaccine.

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